Saxon Mortgage senseless foreclosure in Concrete Washington

KF in Washington said: “I lost my home to a landslide on January 7, 09, in Concrete Washington. The area was declared a federal disaster area and I have been out of my home for a year now. Saxon mortgage knew the house was destroyed by the landslide.

My homeowners insurance Allstate denied our claim, saying it was a flood. Every legal document I have states it was a landslide but all Allstate had to do was say it was a flood and we were denied.

Saxon mortgage said that because I did not live in a flood zone that they did not have flood insurance on the property either!

I paid my mortgage for three months after the disaster and was homeless living with family. We received a 90 day federal stay of foreclosure. We entered into an agreement with the town of concrete on July 2009 to purchase the home through a hazardous mitigation grant. Saxon Mortgage knew and knows this.

Foreclosure proceedings are still going on even though the property is in the process of being purchased by the town of Concrete Washington.
My name and all the legal foreclosure proceedings are in todays local paper.

I never missed a payment up until the town entered into the agreement to purchase the home to demolish what is left. Saxon mortgage has filed a claim against my homeowners insurance for the damages we were denied!

We feel this is illegal and if nothing else morally and ethically appalling!
We are great people who lost our home to a natural disaster we never abandoned the property that appraised at $170,000 and now is listed with the Skagit County Assessors office at $1,000.00.

We feel that Saxon Mortgage is illegally inflating the costs involved because they know there is government money involved. They have sent people to the house to winterize it, to mow the lawn!

The house was destroyed by a landslide Jan. 7, 09! More and more costs to us and the government to stick it to good people who had something bad happen to them.

I have already contacted Mike Kriedler, our Washington State insurance commissioner, and have e-mailed my State represenative Kirk Pearson and even sent a letter to Governor Christine Gregoire.

Thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail .”

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  1. I contacted Saxon Mortgage in the summer of 2008 for loan modification and I was told to get roomate. I completed the expense sheet and heard nothing, fell way behind on payments, I contacted them again in Nov of 2009 went through the same hoops and have been waiting over a month for them to send someone to appraise my home, meanwhile late fees, etc contine to add up. Has anyone had any luck dealing with MGIC?

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