I will not lose my home to Saxon Mortage, says report

Dee, no location given, said: “We have experienced all the same issues everyone on this site has. We’ve been in modification “discussions” for over a year. Funny, but I always thought people actually had to TALK to you to have a discussion.

Saxon Mortgage Services first sent a modification (pre-HAMP), and then had an amount to be paid up front, that was $5000 over what we had been told on the phone. So, our house was set to be sold. Before that could happen, we got a call saying we were eligible for the HAMP program.

We received a contract, but it was also incorrect, being over 31% of our income, which is REQUIRED. We were told the Saxon escrow team would contact us, to fix the payment. Even though it was wrong, we signed contract, and sent our payment and waited to be contacted. We were. We were asked to send in all the documents we had ALREADY SENT SEVERAL TIMES (we have copies of all of this) and we thought this was for HAMP. It wasn’t.

We weren’t notified of the new payment, so we didn’t make the next “incorrect” payment, and then received a letter that we were being dropped from HAMP, and would be considered for a “regular” modification. That was 3 months ago, and now our house is being sold in 6 weeks.

We continue to play phone tag with Saxon, this time with “Tish” and with “Shawn”. We, too, have been sent to the escalation department. I don’t believe it exists either. I have now hired an attorney.

I will not lose my home, with nowhere for me and my children to go, because of the incompetency of the people at Saxon Mortgage. In addition, I have filed a “prove the note” request with their attorneys, and our local court.

Novastar originally had our mortgage, and over a year ago, our mortgage was apparently transferred to Bank of New York Mellon…2 months AFTER Saxon filed the foreclosure….we were never notified…. I have no idea who actually owns our note, and whether Saxon even had legal standing to file the foreclosure in the first place.

I don’t have much time..the judge actually did schedule a motion hearing. If anyone has had any success at all, with anything against Saxon, please leave a comment.”

3 thoughts on “I will not lose my home to Saxon Mortage, says report

  1. I feel your pain. Everything I have to offer in ways to fight these banksters and their foreclosure mills is listed on my blog.

    All the info is free. I have been gathering it all in one place for quite some time to give homeowners a fighting chance.

    It is not Saxon specific but they all play by the same rules — none.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck!


  2. File a complaint with the bureau of consumer protection (ftc.gov), BBB and the Attorney Generals offices. We as a whole need to use the offices that were put in place to stop this sort of stuff. We are all stuck under the thumbs of a company that doesn’t believe they should be held accountable for their actions. We need to ban together as one and fight them for the right to be treated with a bit of respect as people. If Saxon wants to call themselves a debt collector then they should be goverened by the debt collections practices act and should need to follow the laws.


  3. How do you file a “prove the note” request with their attorneys and with the court? I want to do that, too.

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