Saxon Mortgage delays insurance claim and trial modification in Texas

Adding to the total number of complaints about Saxon Mortgage Services JH in Texas said this: “Is there anyone on here able to help or is it just to blow off steam? I could certainly use some help with Saxon Mortgage Services as I’m sure a lot of others could too.

Could we all join together and file a law suit or am I wrong in feeling we should do something about this company? It cannot be legal some of the things they have done, especially as they are using OUR tax money to do it to us!

We bought this house in 10-2006 figuring it would be our last house for retirement. My husband was laid off from his $65K + bonuses job in the housing industry in Jan 2007. I was able to keep house payment going w/my SS and his unemployment while it lasted. He couldn’t even get a job w/ pizza delivery, sweeping floors or anywhere! Probably his age is against him. Not fair as he is and always has been in good physical condition.

I have been dealing w/ Saxon Mortgage company since May of 2008 for a loan modification!! First it was supposedly thru Saxon, a lower interest rate for 5 yr period then back to our ARM . That required a little over $5,000. as a down payment! I tried to explain that if I’d had $5K, I would have made a couple payments. We bought this place here in TX rather than in CA where he worked at the time.

Only $144K and has not gone down in price. Actually increased by $2K according to our ins. and Zillow estimates. Our savings, his 401K, and all friends & relatives have pitched in for us to try and keep this house. They all know how important it is for me as I am disabled. Our house has only one 3” step and it’s in the garage!

Finally this past April my husband was able to take a professional Tractor Trailer course and get his CDL and a job as an Over The Road driver. He thought he had given up truck driving 30 yrs ago!! He delivers all over US & into Canada. On the road for up to 3 weeks at a time or sits home for 2 weeks w/ no work! So it’s very hard to say what amount each check will be. In Sept 2009 his take home was a total of low 3 figures for the month.

Meanwhile starting June 1, 2009, I am making the required “3 month trial period ” payments. ( More than what regular was.) Then I get a letter that trial period was extended for another 2 months. I make them and by now I am 2 car payments behind, one of the utilities shut off for 2 weeks and am told by 2 different people at Saxon that our loan mod has been APPROVED for less than half the payment I had been making. They just have some paperwork to finish writing up and will get in the mail to us ASAP. I was told this in Sept and Nov of 2009.

I have the peoples names who read this in our file on their computer system.. I used to work for a lawyer and make notes, names, etc for every contact I make via phone, fax or mail.

This is after I had faxed and mailed the same info as many as 4 times to different people. I faxed 20 pages twice that really sticks out in my mind as I sit here…This is the Saxon Mortgage way to delay things. Call you, send you letters, fax you, to tell you that they don’t have all the info they need.

I have found out the lady’s name who is handling our loan mod, and have left probably seems like, a good 100 msgs for her and have not received any word from her since I started trying to contact her back in Aug 2009!!! But come the end of the month for last 3 months, I get a letter stating that they need certain documents before they can proceed!! When I call the phone number listed on the letter (and get whoever answers) they can’t find on our account where anything is needed!!!

It’s just a stall each month..I know this for a fact because they are doing the same thing with 2 ins. checks I sent to them to be signed and paid to contractor who put our new roof on.

We had a bad hail storm in Sept and the insurance adjuster (from Nationwide) came out and mailed check within 3 days to us with ours and Saxon’s name on it.. Contractor put on new roof (1 1/2 days last week in Oct) and we sent ALL (Saxon faxed a list to contractor) paper work required overnight to Saxon with the first check for over $7K. As of today I have faxed signed Contract(original in the overnight mail) twice and was informed today that they needed a copy of the signed contract again!!!

Totally unbeleivable, but TRUE!! So my contractor faxed it to them and also called and wanted to know where his money is. He has a copy of both checks that I have sent to Saxon for their signature. I gave him our loan number so he could talk to someone at Saxon Mortgage Services.

He asked for Ashley (lady I spoke with 1st time today) re: what they needed now. He keeps “hounding” me for money so I thought I’d let him get involved too!!! Sorry Rick!

I called Saxon about 4 hours after he faxed it and asked if it had been received..They won’t know for 24 to 48 hrs because every piece of paper sent to them is scanned into computer. All they can go by is what shows after being scanned. I asked the lady what it would take for a person to physically check the actual papers in our file…It would take a complaint to a supervisor, then the supervisor would have to get it approved..By who, I asked. The lady on the phone didn’t know! I ask her to make a note on our account that I would call back on Friday to see if today’s fax made it into the computer!

By the way I left another msg on Ms. Terri White’s machine again today regarding our loan mod……Still waiting on a call back….Also ask lady today if she knew who Terri White’s supervisor was. She did seem sorry to tell me she didn’t know….Different department!

Well, if there is anyone out there who wants/knows of anything to be legally done by one or more of us dealing with Saxon Mortgage, I would certainly love to hear from you. I don’t know the procedure this place uses, but my email was filled out at the beginning of this “book”.

And YES it does feel good to blow off a little steam even if it comes to nothing! I certainly Thank all of you for reading this far.”

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  1. TO ALL: As I sit here and read through the new posts as usual, I keep hearing my grandmother in my head. She would say put pen to paper and tell those people who can do something, all about it. People don’t complain like they used to anymore. I recommend everyone who is having trouble with Saxon, sit down and write out “just the facts, ma’am”. Be sure to point out the mismanagment and incompetence that has been handed out to you. Make sure you send a copy to the BBB, The AG office of both Texas and your state and demand that something be done. Make sure you CC: all those parties contacted at the bottom of your letters. Be prepared to also send a carbon copy to your local news station. Heck go national.
    I do believe that if more people start complaining to their AG offices and the BBB someone will really begin to take notice. If you recall, there was a point when Saxon was in “F” rating and soon after that, the AG of Texas sued Saxon for selling a home to and elderly couple with limited income. Regardless of whether your home came from a crooked company or a staight shooter, Saxon is in posession of it now. If they acquired a mortgage with “FRAUD” attached to it… it’s now there FRAUD.
    Get a copy of your NOTE! Make sure they have the right to steal your home. Don’t forget to post your complaints to consumer affairs also. I know alot of lawyers read those posts. Complain the old fashioned way. An influx of hundreds all at the same time will surely get noticed.

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