Woman says Saxon Mortgage scammed $4000 from her

HM, location not disclosed, said: “In September of 2008 I was divorced and in the divorce I gave the house to the ex husband to pay and maintain, long story short he didn’t make ANY payments all the way up until June, I was notified in June that the house was being foreclosed upon.

I had no idea that he was so far behind. I had to get the state attorney general from the consumer division to put a stop to the sale and force Saxon Mortgage to work with me, I had the ex removed from the property the first week of July 09.

I attempted to work with Saxon Mortgage and finally gave up after being told over and over that I did not qualify for their loan modification or for the president’s plan (HAMP).

Saxon called me in August and I informed them that I was planning on filing the chapter 13, and all of a sudden I now “qualified” for the presidents plan, they overnighted the paperwork to me and I filled it all out and put my first payment under the plan with it and overnighted it.

I called them a week later to check the progress and they had “lost” at least half of the paperwork and did not have an accounting of the payment. I scrambled and got all the paperwork together and faxed them it and the copy of the bank check, again Saxon Mortgage lost documents.

In october of 09 my ex husband filed chapter 7 which I received a copy, I immediately called saxon and explained to them that he had filed, they assured me that it would make no difference in my modification, I continued to get calls about “missing” docs and then in november I was told that they couldn’t talk to me because of the bankruptcy?

On December 7th I received a notice of foreclosure with a sale date, I immediately called them and was told that the “modification” was still in effect but they were missing docs??? again??,

Saxon Mortgage wanted me to pay my payment under the plan and I said NO WAY, called my lawyer on tuesday and am now meeting with him to file a chapter 7 BK because Saxon is IMPOSSIBLE to work with and I feel that they have STOLEN over $4000 from me and my children when I did everything that they wanted me to do.

On January 14th, 2010, I am losing my home that I have worked so hard to keep.

I could have filed a chapter 13 back in august and in good faith tried to work with Saxon Mortgage to no avail.

Not only did my ex husbands bankruptcy affect the situation, Saxon knew about it and took whatever they could knowing full well that they were going to foreclose after his bankruptcy was discharged.”

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