Saxon Mortgage trained not to help says customer

SB in Texas said: “I have been reading the endless complaints on Saxon Mortgage and had to join in. I have been working on a modification with them since September of 2009. My husband was hospitalized in April of 2009 and is no longer able to work.

Held on with savings until August and with savings depleted and my income limited applied for modification with Saxon. Was told over the phone that I would qualify for modification, they would send me a package and the nightmare began!

I keep getting sent from department to department being told by one that we make too much money (ha ha) and our home is affordable. Next ones tell me I don’t make enough to qualify, it is one big maze!

While my payment may be affordable, my interest rate is adjustable at 8.5 now and I am 2 payments behind. Really just want a fixed rate modification and roll in what we were behind, I am told, not a problem, let us send you a modification package, complete it, return it, and here we go again!

Now I have discussed this with a company that advertises online that they CAN get the modification done, but at a fee of $2100! I am with you all on these complaints, you can’t get anywhere with Saxon Mortgage representatives as they are trained to NOT help customers.

I am going to try one more time on the modification, should get my package tomorrow, will let everyone know how it goes.”

One thought on “Saxon Mortgage trained not to help says customer

  1. SB: DON’T pay $2100 dollars to some other outfit that is praying on those having trouble. Find out if your county has a Neighborhood Housing Services center or a registered HUD office. Get an advocate to help you through all this. There is free help out there. Way to many people have lost even more money in the hopes that this or that company can help them get through to Saxon. I just don’t want to hear that you got taken again. 995 hope might be of some help… although they weren’t for me but you could try.

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