Saxon Mortgage no deal until HAMP expires

WW in California said: “First Saxon Mortgage told me my “Trial Period” payment would be $1,500 OVER my regular pre-Trial Period payment. Then they misplace or lose paperwork and that goes on for the first 4-5 months of the HAMP trial period. The next few months they tell you that the modification is in underwritting and that goes until the whole HAMP agreement expires.

Saxon is dishonest.

Saxon is not playing by the HAMP agreement because the government won’t enforce the agreement. So far HAMP is costing the tax payers and providing little help.

Saxon sucks.”

2 thoughts on “Saxon Mortgage no deal until HAMP expires

  1. I can not believe this site that I just stumbled across my husband and I filed in June of 2008 for the modification of our home loan and we have been on trial payments ever since. We too have been receiving notices that we did not have all the required paperwork and so we go back and forth calling and they say yes it is all here and a few days later we receive another notice for info on and on then out of the blue we receive a letter with intent to foreclose

    We call Saxon Mortgage and they say that there is an error between them and the modification company and to ignore the paperwork. Then I receive yet another call from them stating that they need more paperwork that they did not receive I figured this is good since they are contacting me RIGHT??

    However, a few months pass and I get another notice in the mail stating that we do not qualify for the program and they give us a phone number to call with any questions so I call this phone number to be told by the agent that the phone number I have dialed is not part of the modification process and they can not answer or help me only to tell me that according to their files my paperwork is still in underwriting and that we need to continue to pay our trial period payments.

    I am so confused and I am asking for anyone that has any answers of what we should do PLEASE HELP

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