I’ve done everything Saxon Mortgage asked but no HAMP

WA in Indiana said: “I’ve been stuck in the trial stage of a HAMP Modification since May 2009. I’ve made every payment on time, I’ve sent all required docs. Saxon Mortgage acknowledged that they have all my payments. What is the hold up? What do I need to do to make this permanent?

I’m jumping through hoops and for what? I’m so stressed out because I don’t know if I’ll have a home to live in 3 months from now. Why am I stuck in this limbo? I’ve done everything Saxon Mortgage asked, so where’s my modification?”

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  1. Try to get in touch with someone directly at http://www.HMPadmin.com see if they can give you some additional information about your status. You can email them right from their sight. Also google Congressional Oversight panel and see if you can email them. They are the organization that is overseeing the Hamp process. Start rattling some cages. You’ve done everything right.. THEY haven’t – The trial period documents you signed were legally binding documents… you deserve a reason as to why they didn’t follow through with their end of the bargain. Ask the powers that be why SAXON isn’t doing what they are supposed to.

  2. Fight back! Numbers TO CONTACT follow. I am dealing with Wells Fargo, but experiencing the same as other comments here. Now they’re threatening to accelerate my loan note and start foreclosure proceedings after successfully completing a Trial Loan modification! Here are the cages I am rattling: http://www.SIGTARP.gov; 877-SIG-2009 Hotline to report abuse,fraud, mismanagement or misrepresentation related to TARP program (where banks getting their $ for HAMP); OCC-Ofc of Comptroller of the Currency 1-800-613-6743 (oversee National Banks); State Attorney General (will vary by your state-some are filing class action suits); HOPE program 1-888-995-4673- tell them you have a complaint and they will send you to Market Int’l Escalation Team who will do 3-party call with the bank, then escalate it to their supervisor when the bank gives you runaround again. Supposedly those supervisors have ACTUAL phone numbers of people at the banks that can change things.

    I have also called my Senator and Representative though they didn’t respond or passed the buck. Make complaints in writing. Article re:push for perm modifications: http://www.thetruthaboutmortage.com/push-for-permanent-loan-modifications-gets-underway

  3. Good luck. I started my trial in May also. Payment went down just shy of three hundred which was manageable and allowed me to play catch up. They called me in the beginning of nov and said it was done. I got the payment plan. My payment went back up 270 dollars. So I got a whopping 30 dollar per month change. They would not talk about it or go over how they came to that figure. Now I am going to try to talk to them about a short sale.

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