New owner of my house shows up telling us to move

Carol sent this shocking report today, December 10: “We applied for a loan modification back in June 2009 and then got a statement showing no past due amount, then nothing since. When we contacted Saxon Mortgage Sevices they said they would send a letter when the modification was approved. That was the last we heard from them until the “new owner” of the house showed up and gave us notice to be out by the 27th of December.

The “New Owner” said if we go quietly and clean the house, they will give is $2000.00 relocation assistance. We never even knew the house was in foreclosure or going up for auction!”

One thought on “New owner of my house shows up telling us to move

  1. Carol are you saying that you never received official court papers stating you were in foreclosure and your home was going to be sold? … You need to get a lawyer. You need to be served with official papers stating that you are in foreclosure. It’s pure ignorance if you received the papers and just ignored them but either way you need to consult a lawyer. Most lawyers give free consultations.

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