Slow payment processing at Saxon Mortgage

WN in Washington said: “My list of problems with Saxon Mortgage is numerous. They continue to purchase additional homeowners insurance policies despite providing documentation of having the proper insurance. This seems to be done at random times, not just at policy renewal times.

Saxon Mortgage Services is absolutely no help over the phone. I am given the run around and the explanation changes with every call but the charges are never reversed.

Saxon refuses to process any payments in a timely fashion. Payments take weeks to get processed regardless of using my regular banks bill pay, their online system, or the mail.

There is no reason for it to take 3 weeks to process a payment from Seattle to Los Angeles, and this occurs monthly now.

I actually sold the property, and from the time of payoff request they have purchased 2 insurance policies on my behalf and processed all payments late. Hours on the phone have gotten me absolutely no where.”

One thought on “Slow payment processing at Saxon Mortgage

  1. Our neighbor had a mortgage with Saxon. They stayed in their home almost 2 years without paying. They modified the loan to a lower rate. They lied and said husband was not living there to get a modification. Their payment was lowered to $600.00 from $1800.00. I wish I had a mortgage with Saxon.

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