Refile News Channel writes about Saxon Mortgage and Deutsche Bank

We invite our readers to visit Refile News where a new article highlights Saxon Mortgage and Deutsche Bank foreclosures. The news team quotes consumer advocates from Saxon Watch and disputes claims that Saxon Mortgage Services has modified more mortgages than any other servicer. Recent news reports from other sources say only one percent of trial modifications from any source actually result in permanent modifications.

The article by Refile News is titled “An Investigation Of Deutsche Bank and United States Foreclosures” and can be seen here.

Complaints received today by the advocacy and watchdog group at Saxon Watch seem to highlight home owner frustration. One such home owner identifying herself as Marianne asks “Has anyone actually completed the HAMP Modification with Saxon Mortgage? I have been making the trial payments now for 6 months as of November. They tell me I was approved in underwriting on 9/23 yet no paperwork and as of October 24th still showing me not paying on my credit report? Any suggestions to end this nightmare? Please!”

Craig in Florida said “What can we do to put Saxon Mortgage in their place or receive much needed legal advice to help all unlucky home owners like us who are having a tough time paying the worst mortgage company of all time? Saxon and Morgan Stanley should rename their company ‘Braindead Mortgage.’ It cost us $3,000 to hire a very good firm to have Saxon lower our mortgage for 5 years. Even with this help it took the idiots at Saxon 4 months and $18,000.00 in late fee’s before we received our new interest rate. We live in Florida. Is there anyone who can help us?”

Perhaps Craig in Florida can take advantage of information in the Refile News article.

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