Saxon Mortgage ignores judge, forgets escrow, taps bank account

CB in Texas said: “I have been trying to pay my November bill all day and they will not take the payment because they have indicated I have an delinquent Escrow balance. I called the Tarrant County tax department and they indicated they sent Saxon a refund application on July 15th of 2009 and the funds have been setting there for Saxon to reclaim.

I had informed Saxon in May of 2009 that I had already paid my taxes and they never followed up. I have sent them letters to not set my account up as escrow and this is the 2nd year in a row they duplicate paid the taxes.

This has created much stress to my family and myself. They also requested a statement on my 2009 taxes – which are not due until 1/31/2010 and took it on themselves to pay those taxes – which I was going to pay with my income tax return.

I have tried to refinance with Saxon Mortgage, do a loan modification, and the Oboma stimulas plan and they have declined all.

I was a single father raising 2 kids by myself and my ex-wife filed bankruptcy and Saxon hit my account with $1,149.66 in attorney fees although the bankruptcy court had removed the house from the bankruptcy case because I was awarded the house in the divorce.

I have tried to refinance to get my ex-wife’s name off of the mortage and they will not do it. They refused to take my payment unless I could pay the current month bill plus the delinquent escrow balance which is not truely delinquent because they never followed up on the refund.

Just one more case of a mortage company trying to screw the consumer – what am I to do?”