Saxon Mortgage drags feet on HAMP modifications

MM, location not disclosed, sent this report: “Hi, here is my tale of Saxon Mortgage woe. I’ve been in the prequalified stage for the HSMP program thru Saxon for 6 months now. And I am no closer now to getting modification documents then I was 6 months ago.

Every time I call to ask where the process is at Saxon Mortgage tells me the underwriter and that its moving along. Then 3 days latter I ‘ll get a letter stating I’m missing documentation. I call back and they say I’m not missing anything. I call saxon every week,every week im forced to tell my story to a different account specialist.

Each Saxon Mortgage “specialist” gives me a different story of what this program is and how it works. Im tired of living with this anxiety. Im tired of being given the runaround.

Im trying to keep my family in my house, Im trying to make good on my debt. Im not some slum landlord trying to save an investment property. Im trying to save the roof over my familys head.

I’ve reached the point of not caring if I keep the house or not.I have over 100 dollars worth of priorty receipts in correspondance, none of it they can find. The correspondence been signed for but its gone.

I just wish one way or another I can get an answer. That way I can move on. Thanks for letting me vent. My wife says to write a book because no one would ever believe my story.”

2 thoughts on “Saxon Mortgage drags feet on HAMP modifications

  1. I have experienced the same. December 1st was my seventh “trial payment”. I called again on the 1st to be told the same thing I have been told since the beginning of November…”it is in underwriting, you are not missing any documents, you should have answer this month”. It is now December 9th and I have received nothing as of yet. The stress is almost unbearable at times. I believe you! Good luck! I intend to repost when and if I get a final answer.

  2. My husband and I first applied for the HAMP program in May of 2009. We were put on the trial period payments which we were on for 8 months. I called them every week with the same problems I have been reading, still in process, no info needed, you should hear something this month, it’s with the underwriter, bla bla bla. I also kept receiving letters stating missing info and extending the trial period payments. I called them on january 11th to be told I was denied because after review they said I could make my morgtage payments with no problem because my income was more than 3 times my mortgage or my debt was less than 31%. They already had all of my info back in may and said I prequalified based on all my info which was exactly the same 8 months ago so why would they deny me now? Not only did they deny me but because my trial payments were lower than my regular payments I am now behind more than before because now I have to pay all the money back or lose my home. Good luck to all of you who are still in the process I am just glad it is finally over.

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