Saxon Mortgage bungles handling of Missouri mortgage

DL in Missouri said: “Really, the complaint is just too long but we have been going in circles with Saxon for several months now. We currently are not in our home. We did have a renter that was in the process of buying the home to keep it out of foreclosure but Saxon was so incompetent, that they buyer finally backed down and went with another home.

So, we have sent in a loan modification and have a receipt that it was received certified mail, and had one person tell us that it, yes, was received but not scanned yet and today we were told that it was not received and we need to resend it.

Saxon Mortgage obviously does not want to resolve this issue. We have done everything we can to do this.

The home is currently for sale, in case we can get a buyer while they are in “limbo.” But at the same time, Saxon is piling on late charges, etc..for their benefit.

We are at a loss of what to do..Do not want this to foreclose with a mark on our credit.”