Saxon Mortgage HAMP program questioned concerning legality, loopholes

FO in Texas said: “Another Approved then Disapproved. Yesterday November 12 I received a letter, dated November 6, that my loan modification has been disapproved, however Saxon/Morgan Stanley will allow me to continue to make my payments under the agreement.

How confusing.

It appears that Saxon/Morgan Stanley is sending out HAMP agreements the day the payment is due. (I have tracking numbers to prove), when the docs are signed and payment sent to Saxon/Morgan Stanley you have automatically failed to live by the agreement. Thus the HAMP underwriter can deny your Final final final approval and Saxon/Morgan Stanley can continue to operate out of the auspice and oversite of the HAMP program and break whatever laws or policy that was sent forth by the Government.

Its a sick and twisted game that will need to come to a halt very soon.

I 100% will move forward to file suit against Saxon/Morgan Stanley if any harm or change from the original agreement is made.”