Saxon Mortgage customer, HAMP, story of humiliation

JL in Michigan said: “Ever since my husband and I refinanced our home over three years ago, we have been struggling with Saxon. They have lost payments, debited double payments, racked up unknown fees, sent us into foreclosure three times…the laundry list goes on and on. We had applied for a loan modification in February 2008…three months went by with no response, then when I called to check on the status of the package I was asked if we would like to be preapproved for the new HAMP program which could lower our interest rate.

They ran our numbers and said that yes we qualified they would send out the paperwork. We filled out the paperwork, sent in our first trial payment…a month went by, nothing. So we sent in our payments for four more months and still no word. I kept calling and was being told everything was in order, we would hear shortly.

Then we received a notice we were missing documents, so we called and checked to see what we needed. We were told nothing was missing, our package would be out to us soon. That was the end of September. I called again last week, as someone had stopped out in front of our home and snapped a picture.

I was told by DeeAnn that they were just verifying the occupancy and there was nothing to worry about, everything was in order. I went about my business until today when i went to get my mail and there was a foreclosure notice from their local attorney. I almost vomited. I called and was told that we had been denied HAMP due to our income being insufficient and the denial was decided 10/31 and the loan was referred to the attorney on 11/3.

They certainly wasted no time in attempting to kick us out of our home. We received no notice from them about any of this ahead of time. Now, while we attempt a new plan, we have to endure the humiliation of people taking pictures of our home and posting notices on it. I just cannot handle it.”