Customer follows Saxon requirements as mortgage goes to foreclosure

GG in Florida said: “Saxon Mortgage is a very unfair and the most unethical and wrong company to be having business with first home family’s during this hard time; due to job loss. I been begging saxon mortgage to work with us by explaining our situations and doing everything they suggest us to do in order to save our home.

The very last arrangement was to do a promise to pay payment over the phone and i did. They told me to follow up next pay period two weeks later and do the same. the two month payment was schedule and they give me a confirmation number. the money was schedule to be deducted from our bank on the 25th of april 2009.

I called the first week of may 2009; to finalized the arrangement as i was told by their staff person on the phone and i was told they could not take no more payments from us because our home went on foreclosure on the 23rd of April. I don’t understand. They give me a plan and i follow it. Saxon Mortgage told me to apply for modification we did with my husband very new job.

They send me the paper work four weeks later my husband lost that very new job and i told them that the payment of almost eleven hundred dollars was going to be hard for me, since my husband lost his job and still had to wait for unemployment benefits. they are not giving me any signs that they want to work with my. However they have money floating from us they apply money to some months without me knowing it they still said i have thousands of dollars in balance plus attorneys fees.

I know my writing and my gramar is not very well but i am very sad and hurt by this cruel bussines people. I also think president Obama need to help us with the same amount of money people are getting for buying homes so we can save ours since some of those buyers will be buying homes whom they will be taking from money need it to get cut up with payments [sic].”