Advice for those applying for a HAMP mortgage modification

From our Saxon Mortgage watchdog and consumer advocacy website comes this information concerning the HAMP program. The information was submitted by a HAMP applicant who initially was told of missing paperwork. The complaint is frequently heard about mortgage servicers including Saxon Mortgage. Citigroup had similar complaints about missing paperwork.

Here is a detailed report from a Pennsylvania resident. Her opinions are her own:

I’ve contributed to Saxon Ocwen Watch for almost a year now. It’s given me a place to feel that I wasn’t alone in this horrible fight with Saxon Mortgage. So, when I got the news I felt the need to contribute – as I do, good or bad, so that others can take from it what they will.

After almost 2 years of fighting with Saxon and 6 months in limbo not knowing what was going on, we were notified that our HAMP modification is in its final stages. We should be receiving our documents within the next week.

In a Nutshell:
Saxon has lost or shredded multiple papers we’ve sent. Faxed umpteen times and called more than I can remember. In the end – the fight was worth it. It was my home I was fighting for and I’ll be damned if I was willing to walk away without a good fight.

Advice for others:

• Photocopy everything with your name, address, loan number, and number all documents. Make a copy for your own records – just in case. Because we know that “just in case” always happens with Saxon.

• Keep a log of everything that happens, any errors, messages and issues you come across. You never know when you’re going to need it.

• Get a contact on the inside. This makes things go so much easier. We all know their fax systems are not the best way to do business. See if you can send the documents via email to your inside informant.

• Get an advisor. Many states have free help. I used Neighborhood Housing Services. It’s good to know you have someone on your side to answer your questions truthful and honestly.

• Be prepared for the worst case senario. It might happen. Have a fall back plan ready.

• Have faith that what your fighting for is worth it. People have died for centuries in order to obtain their little corner of this earth. Most cases – with nothing on it. This is your home and it’s worth fighting for. Be prepared to fight a hard fight. Find strength from somewhere and know your efforts aren’t for nothing.

• In all honesty – Saxon isn’t a good company. They take advantage of those who are down and manipulate things to benefit them. But it takes people like me, you and this site to fight back for the rights of the people. Never surrender your rights.

Good Luck