Saxon mortgage modification happens after long fight

TB in Pennsylvania sent this update: “After a much long fight, I’ve finally received my loan modification paperwork. I am only one of very few who have been able to navigate the loan modification (HAMP), shark infested waters.

Our much needed blessing has come in the form of a lower interest rate. It went from 8.45% down to 4.5%. The payment is actually lower than our previous trial payments. Overall, after 3 years of fighting for some type of reprieve, our payments have come down about $350. This may not seem like much to many but over the full stretch of time, our money will do more. There’s no longer a need to rob paul to pay peter. It’s become a wonderful thanksgiving afterall.

BUT… I still believe it is necessary for the all mighty powers that be to investigate Saxon. They are mishandling loans, paperwork and I feel, deliberately elongating the process in order to stretch out the potential incentives. Don’t stop fighting until someone says it’s gone. Just remember to ask your self if your home is truly worth the amount your fighting to pay. Best of luck”