A Hundred Thousand Homeowners documentary spawns other ideas

There is more hope for homeowners from the standpoint of bringing reality to Washington. While lawmakers think HAMP and foreclosure aviodance is working well many homeowners know a different version of the truth.

“A Hundred Thousand Homeowners” is a documentary that will deliver a cacophony of outrage over the way our government has addressed the foreclosure crisis. It will make loud the voices of a hundred thousand homeowners. It will land on the desks of every single elected representative in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. It will be sent to the governors of all 50 states… to every single banking industry CEO… to every major media outlet… and of course, to the Oval Office. It will be seen, the voices it represents will be heard, and the story will finally be told.

Here at Saxon Watch we strongly believe the government should allow troubled home owners to submit refinance paperwork directly to the government. Approved applications would pay off questionable loans and remove questionable mortgage servicers from the process.

Since the government took over Fannie and Freddie Mac the suggestion would not be hard to impliment.

(This article was submitted in part by Tammy Becker)