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October 22, 2009


Company Response:

Attached is the letter being sent to the borrower re: HAMP

October 20, 2009

Dear (redacted):

Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. (“Saxon”) is in receipt of your correspondence regarding the above referenced account.

Saxon has conducted a full review of the complaint and account information. You were considered eligible for the Home Affordable Modification Program (“HMP”) on June 2, 2009. We have received your three trial loan payments, and the required financial documentation. Your file was assigned to our Home Preservation Underwriting Department for the final review. However, your file is pending, as the HMP guidelines require that Saxon analyzes your credit report.

In March 2004, you contacted the credit bureaus and placed a freeze on your credit report. We contacted the Experian credit agency, who advised that you would need to request the removal of the account freeze in order for Saxon to pull your credit report.

Our records reflect that you have agreed to have the freeze removed so that we can move forward with the processing required by the program. Please continue paying your trial payment amount of $1,615.10 until a final decision is made. Once the processing is completed, you will receive written correspondence of her approved loan modification or denial. If approved, you will receive the loan modification agreement for review and signature.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Customer Service Department toll-free at (888) 325-3502.


Veronica Salas
Community Outreach Research Specialist

No am not satisfied with Saxon mortgage response, dated October 20, 2009 Tuesday. On October 16, 2009 I had my Experian credit report file release to Saxon mortgage. My credit file was available on October 19, 2009 which they pulled on October 19, 2009 so this response is inaccurate. Now since than Saxon mortgage has requested a utilities bill which I provided my directv bill , again countless excuses arise this directv bill shows (account number, full name , installation address, and mailing address, and amount currently due)

Per Saxon this was not good enough. Then I provided Saxon Mortgage with my water bill showing (full name, account number, billing address, and amount currently due).

Now Saxon mortgage has claimed that there are some unknown discrepancies. Again to get a final answer from these people is a daily task at hand. They or looking for any reason to not provide me with this Hamp modification. I receive calls everyday saying paper work is missing, they claim we need more documentation . Keep in mind my file was completed with full documentation on or around Sept. 11, 2009.

I just received a copy of my signed Hamp trial modification paper work in the mail just five days ago with Saxon signature. Also i just receive a letter dated October 2, 2009 that, because my file has missing documents, my trial period has been extended for additional two months and for me to continue to make my trail payments of $1615.10 .

This is also a question I had when i called in on October 2, 2009 I spoke with a SAXON SUPERVISOR who stated to me that paper work is missing. At this point I did not believe this information again was being told to me over the phone.

After verifying information with the HAMP support center and the SIG TARP hot line I made a payment on October 5, 2009 Monday by western union quick collect which Saxon did not post until October 7, 2009. this has become a night mare. Saxon mortgage is not trying to help.

Their main goal is to find a way to keep my home. This has been a collection agency tactic.”

2 thoughts on “Saxon Mortgage Modification, HAMP support center and SIG TARP hot line

  1. I qualified for a trial period plan for HAMP in July 2009. I made each payment on time but did not hear a word from Saxon. I wrote a letter to them in September questioning when I would be receiving my final HAMP modification loan. Saxon sent a letter back stating they had received all my required documentation and were going to extend my trial period two months so they could review my documents. GOSH!! They certainly want the payments sent on time but cannot review a few documents over a three month period?? Sooo, I am continuing to send in the trial period payments because they have all the information they need to make a decision. By the way, to qualify for HAMP, you do not have to provide a credit report. That is the point of HAMP, you don’t have to have good credit to qualify!! After reading these posts, I realize I will be getting an attorney if they try and take my home. I will continue to comply with the rules of the trial period and send in my payment faithfully but if they try and screw with me, they will be facing off with me in court!!

  2. I reside in Southern California and my story mirrors that of others who applied to for the HAMP program through saxon mortgage. I started the process in June 2009 and was led along until a week ago when I received a notice from saxon that I did not qualify for hamp and have three choices, come up with $7200.00, deed in lieu or short sale. There would be no short sale because even in todays market there is equity in my home. I have been existing on unemployment for over a year and am a 61 year old single male. I have lived in this home for 13 years and never had any “problems” with the mortgage until now. I paid the original three month trial period payments as prescribed. Admittedly after the three month trial period I had a few problems, I kept in contact with saxon on a weekly basis and like most others was told to just keep paying the reduced payments my file was in review. At the very least I should have been notified in September of 2009 that I had been disqualified from hamp for failing to make Septembers payment on time. Instead I was continually told to “just keep making the reduced payments” as recently as two weeks ago. I have contacted the HOPE line and had a three way call with saxon and a HOPE counselor. Saxon will not budge from the three choices they are giving me. Saxon admits that at this point in time my mortgage is not in foreclosure, however I discovered that my home has been listed on as being in pre-foreclosure for 200 days. I of course do not have the funds to hire an attorney and to this point have found nowhere to turn for help. I have contacted my congressman and to this point have received no reply. It is my opinion that saxon mortgage services has used the hamp program to perpetrait fraud upon borrowers and simply put has used the hamp program as a tool to aid them in foreclosing on homeowners that are easy pray due to the very fact that we applied for a loan modification. In my 61 years I have been through my share of lifes ups and downs but never imagined myself reaching this age and being jobless and homeless. The American Dream is being systematically slaughtered by big government and unethical big business.

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