Saxon Mortgage does not want to help says homeowner

GD in New York said: “Reading through this site just verifies what I was already feeling, that Saxon has NO TRUE INTENTION of helping me with my mortgage payments. I jumped through every one of their hoops trying to get assistance when my pay was cut by 10% over a year ago and each time either docs. were missing, incomplete, they requested additional info. that was not listed anywhere .. after a year of submitting & resubmitting and spending hours on the phone .. I gave up!!

I have been one payment behind since then and I continue to make my monthly payment until I can catch up.

I left work early to sit on the phone for an hour and a half just to be told I don’t qualify for the HAMP program .. still not sure why ..

After multiple modification attempts the woman who “approves or denys” stated you don’t qualify because your expenses are more than income .. um hello I know that??!! She actually said to me “Spend less on groceries!” That’s when I hung up .. cried over frustration and never called them again.

It’s awful that this is happening to so many but it is a bit of a comfort to know I am not alone.”

One thought on “Saxon Mortgage does not want to help says homeowner

  1. The only recommendations I can give to others going through the same Saxon run around is this…

    File a complaint with every location possible.
    1) Better Business Bureau
    2) Consumers Affairs
    3) Call your attorney general
    4) Submit a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

    Be sure to use words such as misleading, deceptive, mismanaged and predatory. They all represent the standard business practices of Saxon Mortgage Services. **Don’t just complain about how they are a horrible company. Be sure to give them statements of proof to the mistreatment of your account. NO MORTGAGE COMPANY SHOULD EVER TELL SOMEONE TO DELIBERATELY BECOME LATE. That in and of itself is predatory. They know they’ll have you by the B**ls if you are late.

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