Saxon Mortgage blind modifications cause problems

NG in Washington said: “The nightmare began in April almost two years ago when I blindly received the first of three modification packages. I didn’t want to agree to the modification terms so I did not return the paperwork. On the next mortgage statement it shows that Saxon Mortgage cashed my mortgage payment but placed it in a suspense account, nailed me with late fees and accused me of being delinquent.

I immediately called the company and was told that my account was in modification status. I explained that I did not request that modification and would like it cancelled and my payment applied and the late fees dropped.

I was assured that it would happen within 48 business hours.

It did not – in fact this cycle continued for unitl July – only after hours on the phone with incompetent and rude staff was the modification stopped and payment applied. In the meantime, my credit was damaged and the late fees were not removed. It took me another YEAR to get that mostly cleared up.

Then suddenly a second packaged showed up and the nightmare started again. That cycle took nearly 10 months to straighten out – I insisted by phone and letter that no more blind modifications be sent to me and yet – one showed up on my doorstep Nov. 10, 2009.

I immediately called and the nightmare has started again. I actually had a representative raise her voice to me and when I asked that she lower her voice and use a polite tone – she hung up on me.

I can’t believe that this type of mismanagement of my account is legal. Something has to be done.”