Burned by Saxon Mortgage, homeowner says “Take our house”

LR in Florida said: “We have had Saxon since April 07 what a night mare this company is, we have never been treated so badly in all our years of owning our house. when you call Saxon this message is, we are a debt collector and any information will be used against you. Wow, they are the 4th mortgage co. we had since owning this house. Our home was sold to different mortgage companies since it was a new loan in 1992

We got the mortgage with Saxon and the payment was over 1,200 we contacted them when Obama said he was going to help people stay in their homes. Our payment was never past due, Saxon told us your payment has to be 3 or more payments late before we can help with the lower your payment. We were told pay 989.56 for 6 months and never be late or the deal is off. They lost our paper work numerous times told us to send it, we did.

We called them each time they told us to because they needed more information only to be told they needed more information. Last week we were told everything was okay and that the modification had gone through and the payment would not be more then what we were paying. Friday 10/23 we got the paper work and our payment is now 1,279.56 this is why we needed help for the beginning both my husband and I lost income.

I was told I would have to wait until Monday to talk to the underwriter who is in charge of the mortgage. I told the rep on line, “Why do you think was needed this done only for the payment to be adjusted high again and we lose our home anyway,”…I asked them if they were in the business of taking people homes and having more people on the street.

I told her I had to much too lose – for them to take our house. I can’t believe this company is allowed to operate this way. I think everyone who has a mortgage with this company file a class action suit and fight for what is ours. In Florida all properties are upside down and so is ours so we can’t even sell the house.”

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  1. Unfortunately, a class action isn’t going to happen quickly. EVERYONE NEEDS TO FILE COMPLAINTS WITH THE BBB. Over the last 3 years, the only time Saxon got any type of attention was when they scored an “F” rating with the BBB. If the BBB continues to get complaints from Saxon Customers, they’ll investigate their business practices.
    Then contact your Attorney General’s office, FTC and consumer affairs office.
    CALL TO ACTION: any and all Saxon Mortgage customers who have been put through the ringer, file a complaint with the BBB both in your state and TX. If the BBB got thousands of complaints about the same company all in the same months, do you think they’d start looking closer at how they are handling things. On top of that… they got alot of gov. money to help people but they aren’t helping at all. Corruption will continue unless those being wronged start to stand up for themselves and others.

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