Saxon Mortgage loan modification disapproved, approved

Christine said: “I had requested loan modification information from Saxon beginning in October 2008, and requested it monthly from that date; never having received it to present time. In May, 2009, when the HAMP program arrived, I called on a Monday and over the phone was denied. On the following day, I was approved (go figure) and they stated they could reduce my mortgage by 46 dollars. However, that was not at all helpful.

At this time, my house is scheduled for foreclosure on Friday, as Saxon denied the short sale, though never told me. I found out yesterday after calling and calling and calling.

I am disgusted and furious that after nearly a year of asking for help, the best they could do is give me a repayment plan that INCREASED my mortgage by an additional 300 dollars, making it impossible to make ends meet. Something should be done. Sign me up for any type of suit..I’m ready!”

2 thoughts on “Saxon Mortgage loan modification disapproved, approved

  1. Wow, this sounds like us. We have applied initially in Nov 2008 and have applied 3-4 times and have been approved 3 times and now I found out that we don’t qualify because of late modification payments. When we called to clarify that we did make all payments, the reason suddenly changed to why it was declined and let use know our house was going to be sold on Jan 5. If we didn’t call we would have never known the sale date and we are just tired of it all. We are now contacting our local congressman to stop or get some action from the thievery going on.

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