Saxon Mortgage loan modification program fails to help

BB in Georgia said: “I have been trying to get a loan modification from Saxon Mortgage for a year. I sent several loan applications and hardship letters. Saxon claims they lost them and I resent the information and I never heard from Saxon until today, October 19. Saxon Mortgage sent a letter stating they are starting forclosure procedure. I need help. Saxon practices unethical practices and misleading information. I cannot pay $1062 a month payment due to loss of income.”

2 thoughts on “Saxon Mortgage loan modification program fails to help

  1. call the loss migation dept at 888-325-3502 request a hamp packet, have expenses and income ava. this will be approved over the phone. they cannot turn you away saxon is getting governments money to asst all thier borrowers. call and tell them what you want , if they say you do not asst. you or give you any negative feed back call the hamp support center at 866-939-4469 or the at 877-sig-2009. stay strong and remember you own your home not saxon mortgage which gives you so many rights and altertives we saxon borrowers will bring this collection agency to thier knees.

  2. I never thought a mortgage company could treat their clients this way…They are just that a collection agency. I would loveto bring them to their knees.

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