Saxon Mortgage claims missing modification paperwork

TH in Alabama said: “same problem with saxon as i have read on this site they keep saying they do not have all documents i have faxed ,mailed with return receipt. spoke with employees at saxon and gone thru all paper work step by step and they will say they have everything except 1 thing and i will fax next thing you know i will get a letter stating they are missing several documents . what can i do?”

3 thoughts on “Saxon Mortgage claims missing modification paperwork

  1. I can tell you this: After going over all my paperwork I was told…
    “If any of your paperword is incomplete or of poor quality, employees are advised to shred it and request a new copy.” This maybe due to their mess up and not yours. Example: they lost page 5 of a 15 page tax return. The document must be shredded and new one requested.

    Recommendation to everyone: Write your loan number on all documents, and number all pages 1 through whatever. Also if possible, sign your name on every page. Prior to sending anything MAKE a complete copy for your records.

  2. I work for a lender that is able to do a refinance on a short payoff with Saxon. If you have any negative equity and are in need of a payment reduction. We might be able to assist you.
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