Novastar mortgage and Saxon mistakes reported

Michele in Michigan said: “I have had Saxon since Novastar sold my mortgage around 3 yrs ago. I made all of my payments on time, until last March 08, when my income dropped. I called them BEFORE I was late with payments to see about getting some help (figured I would be PROACTIVE). They told me there was nothing they could do until I was 2 months behind. Well things got worse and I filed for bankruptcy including my mortgage. I stopped making my mortgage payments in April 08.

During the last year I have talked to them about a Loan Modification. I never get the same person and I have to repeat my story constantly. They offered me the HAMP program same as everyone else, 3 months payments, see if I qualify etc. They quoted me a payment including escrow. They payment was basically the same as the original one w/escrow (which I didn’t have to begin with) thought that might work since insurance/taxes would be in payment.

When I asked how much was escrow, they told me $150 of the payment. My monthly for taxes alone is $250. I said that won’t work, I would be short every year. They claim that’s what the computer says…Idiots.

I told them no thanks. I filed bankruptcy on you, I dont HAVE to do this…They said “we don’t show a bankruptcy” One department doesn’t know what the other is doing.!!

So I called about 2 months (Aug 09) later to see if I’d get a different answer. The person I talked to was in Tennessee and was very nice and this time I told him to send me the documents for HAMP and I would fill them out..Guess what, it’s now Oct 09 and I never received the docs and I have a foreclosure notice on my door.

At this point I don’t care…They were included in my bankruptcy, I owe them nothing and I will just stay here for another 6 months (till the redemption period) and then move. They don’t want to help and I can’t let them stress me out.
They are IDIOTS…They even paid my taxes this year and sent me a new monthly payment after the foreclosure notice was posted.

Good Luck everyone. Sorry there are leeches like this out there in the banking industry. That is one of the big reasons the country is like it is and I only pray these companies collapse.”

One thought on “Novastar mortgage and Saxon mistakes reported

  1. Hi! I am helping my aunt with the foreclosure on her property. Saxon was the comany she was paying her mortgage to until she stopped paying a couple of months ago. Now she got a summons and complaint for foreclosure but the plaintiff suing is Deutsche Bank as trustee for Novastar and NOT Saxon. I don’t understand why the previous lender is suing my aunt when Saxon bought the mortgage? or is saxon an agent of novastar and that’s why they don’t appear on the complaint. I called saxon for more information, I sent an authorization form so my aunt will authorize saxon to speak to me but saxon says that the authorization is not yet showing on their computer system so they wont talk to me.

    Since this property is not my aunt’s homestead property, we want to negotiate a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Would saxon help or should I contact Novastar? It just seems that they dont want to help and I don’t know what else to do for my aunt. I hope someone can help and clarify my confussion.

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