Saxon Mortgage Forced insurance is a scam says customer

CM in Georgia said: “Saxon is placing force-placed insurance on mortgages that have their own property insurance in order to make it impossible for the homeowner to pay the high monthly bill and then they lose their homes.

I had supplied Saxon with proof of my homeowner’s insurance and my insurance agent had faxed the info over to Saxon. Saxon would not acknowledge receipt of the information, placed their fraudulant insurance, thereby raising my monthly payment from $813.00 to $1200.00.

This caused me to have to file bankruptcy (chapter 13). I have called Saxon about a
restructured mortgage to lower my interest and they said no. I do not know what the government gave them bailout money for.

These people are so not right. Why can’t the government look into Saxon’s fraudulant practices?

Saxon will not work with the homeowners, nor will Saxon listen to us. Where do we go for help?”

One thought on “Saxon Mortgage Forced insurance is a scam says customer

  1. They owe us money for a hurricane repair we made many months ago. We have written down the date, name of who we spoke to, what we were told on each call and will make it known later in the week.

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