Modifications by Saxon Mortgage shows missing document trend

Scott in California said: “I have been dealing with Saxon since August 2008 and have supplied all the documentation that the company has requested. I have documented all the times and mailing that I sent to them. I have been denied several times and told that they are missing documentation that I have proof that I supplied.

This has gotten out of hand and now I and going through the HAMP program and have made all the payments and supplied all the documentation that was required……. Saxon does not know what they are doing and I still do not have a straight answer from them as to the status of my modification.

If they want my house I wish they would just let me know…. At this point I can’t take the roller coaster ride any more. Saxon needs to take care of us.”

3 thoughts on “Modifications by Saxon Mortgage shows missing document trend

  1. Missing Documentation problem must be a scam at Saxon so that they can “pretend” to comply with the HAMP program without actually modifying mortgages. I have had the same problem with them. My modification was supposed to be completed with my Aug 1 payment and here it is October with no answer. Every few weeks since May I have sent and resent and called and faxed and fedex’d everything Saxon asked for and every few weeks they notified of missing document that I had proof of sending AND told me new items NEVER before requested in writing or otherwise that they supposedly needed from me.

    One of their other interesting tricks, while making payments for the trial modification Saxon does not make any payments out of the escrow portion, leaving me to pay my homeowner insurance premiums essentially three times every month (they seem to want twice the monthly premium amount as a portion of the monthly payment.

    What am I supposed to do now? Contact the Attorney General’s office in Missouri?
    Why isn’t Saxon Mortgage under extreme scrutiny for their contribution the current economic struggles of “Main Street”?

    p.s. Isn’t Saxon Mortgage a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase, a company which seems to have needed a federal bailout with my tax dollars and now has record profits?

    Editor’s Note: No, Saxon is owned by Morgan Stanley

  2. We have been going through the same thing with Saxon Mortgage. They have even gone so far as to ask us to come to a seminar hosted in a city that was about an hour away from us. We showed up only to find that there is no representative from Saxon available and that we should leave our information and they will call us. My question is this, HAS ANYONE BEEN FORECLOSED ON while waiting for Saxon to get to them? I can’t sleep worried that they are not giving me anything in writing, giving me the run around on the phone, asking for documents they know they have, and basically appearing not to know who I am when I call.

  3. I’ve been going through the same thing!!!! They’ve lost all of my personally identifiable information numerous times. I send the required documentation and then they send a letter saying they didn’t get it. I’ve talked to them over the phone about this numerous times. I’m actually in touch with legal counsel to find out what can be done legally for what appears to be a long standing pattern of negligent information handling practices at their business. my email is if anyone wants to chat more about this. There may be a class action law suit here….

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