If Saxon Mortgage is leader in modifications customers don’t see how

Ed in New England said: “I am dealing with Saxon Mortgage for almost a year. I never receive a solid and final response from Saxon Mortgage. On top of that I had submitted all my payments for 3 months trial. After twenty days following my last payment I received a letter from them about missing documents like W-2 FORMS.

I think this is the first document I sent to them. When I called then to verify Saxon agreed they have it but ‘other documents missing.’

The last payment of the three months trial minute past after the phone conversation I faxed a copy of my payment to them. Finally I MADE A PHONE CALL TO SAXON MORTGAGE AND THEY PROMISED TO ME IN COUPLE DAYS I SHOULD RECEIVE A FEDEX WITHIN FIFTEEN DAYS (9/14/2009)

I am still waiting”