Keep filing BBB complaints as Saxon Mortgage rises to D-

TB in Pennsylvania said: “I’ve been contributing to your site for some time now. Briefly… we’ve been trying to work with Saxon Mortgage for some time now. October will be a year.

We tried to modify 5 times with no luck.

Applied for hamp and were denied then approved. We completed the papers in June. Trial period was july august and September.

We’ve completed our end. All payments on time, yet we have been told we’ll still need to wait. “we have yet to be assigned an underwriter”. The HAMP modification cannot be completed until we have an underwriter. We were advised to continue to make the normal monthly payments and they will notify us as soon as we move to the next step.

They waited until the day before the sale to notify the court house. Instead of canceling our sale.. they are just postponing it until next month. The trial paperwork was never sent back to us after it was sent and we are now in limbo.

Technically – we’re scheduled to be sold OCT 9th, unless they call the court house again.

I have sworn that if my home gets sold during the HAMP trial period that actually lasts longer than 3 months.. I will sue. We’re stuck under their thumb. With the last year as bad as it was.. who would ever refinance us? We’re victims from the moment we signed the papers and will continue to remain bullied and looked down on regardless of what we do.

I can only hope the gov. steps in and holds them accountable for their actions including the so called HAMP modifications they have yet to complete. They insist on extending the trial in order to not have to dismiss too much in charges. Trial paperwork states you’re account will be considered current once the trial period is over. So, they’ll delay as long as necessary to make their books square.

If I were to do this type of business the government would have had me shut down in months. Certainly not be giving me praise and funds to continue doing what I was doing wrong.

Note: keep complaining to the BBB, their ratings are going back up .. they are now at a D-. They don’t deserve anything less than an F.”

3 thoughts on “Keep filing BBB complaints as Saxon Mortgage rises to D-

  1. I’m writing lots of emails to senators, representatives, attorney generals, etc. and the BBB to get this looked at. I’m also notifying local news media and even Dateline NBC. If people make enough noise, sad to say, eventually someone from Washington DC will hopefully help us out here. I’m going through the same “We don’t have documentation” “We have everythying but 1 document” “Now we don’t have anything and need you to re-submit everything” lingo that lots of folks on this post seem to be experiencing.

  2. I am also going through the HAMP program and am having the same problems with sending them paperwork. I was given and alt. fax # and when I called was told that that’s not a fax number associated with Saxon. So some kook out there has all my personal info. I was also told I could directly talk with my “negotiator” Andrew Tucker and was given an ext. # well guess what no one I speak to has heard of him and his ext just rings. I was not considered for the HAMP program until I was 2 months behind and Saxon keeps sending goons to my house to take pictures. Also they quoted me $736 a month which is reasonable for my $119000 loan but before I could send the payment it went to $941. Which I can manage but the $1640 a month without the remod I can not and to be honest no one should for a $119000. Was anyone else given a different fax number? I was given 866-695-1563

  3. I’m with everyone here with Saxon. I have been on the HAMP program since May 2009. All they keep telling me to do is to continue making my payments. I’m on my 3rd trial period and can never get a straight answer from anyone. Meanwhile my credit score keeps dropping. Very frustrating and I’m feeling helpless.

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