Saxon Mortgage reports consumers delinquent during trial period

D in Massachusetts said: “My husband contacted Saxon regarding a modification program under HAMP and to see if we qualified. We were sent a packet in the mail and read the fine print that states we would be reported to the credit agencies as delinquent during the trial period.

We opted to continue to pay our full/regular amount and never sent them any documentation or agreed to the modification.

Saxon has reported us to the credit agencies as being in a modification program and being delinquent. This despite the fact we have never been late and continued to pay our regular payment.

I have called customer service and am shocked that you cannot actually speak to someone in customer relations. I was given a fax number to send a letter to!

I am hoping to have this resolved but its difficult when you can’t even speak to a human being. Will they actually read my letter? All my good credit down the drain without ever being late.”

2 thoughts on “Saxon Mortgage reports consumers delinquent during trial period

  1. Hi! I need your advice!
    Alvarado Texas
    My brother does not speak English and got involved with a Mortgage Broker who in The Spanish Language convince him on getting 80% of his equity on his homestead!

    The problem is that the house was a new constrution and was incomplete but, the Real Estate Appraisal was a relative of the Broker also a Hispanic. My brother was told that they could get a loan for him. The loan was for $123,000.00 and they appreised the property as if it was finished.

    My brother only makes $1600.00 and the payment was to start at $1200.00 he was set to loose his property. Also, they trick him on his mineral rights. Saxon Mortage, now the Servicer, is not releasing his mineral rights check since a year ago.

    I did a little research and found out that the lender violated the Texas Homested Constitution by not giving him the documents in Spanish. He want to suit but what are the dameages as the violation?

    Can you help?

  2. Help! My Brother needs to file suit against NovaStar and Saxon Mortage. What do you know on NovaStar Mortgage?

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