Saxon Mortgage strings family along for two years

BV in California said: “Saxon Mortgage has strung us out for almost two years. We have been waiting to pay our mortgage for almost two years. Saxon has lost our loan modification documents TWICE. I have proof they received it, but they’re claiming they didn’t. My credit is severely damaged because of Saxon Mortgage, not to mention the constant stress they have caused my wife and I for a very long time. Something needs to be done.”

One thought on “Saxon Mortgage strings family along for two years

  1. I have been for over a year trying to complete the loan modification with Saxon. They have given me the run around. From docs missing to telling me they have high volume and that is why they haven’t gotten around my file. CRAZY!!!
    Does anyone know how can I file a lawsuit in Florida against them.
    Also they tell me to continue to pay the HAMP (Home Affordability Program) Trial Period Payment even though it already expired.
    Can someone give me some informaiton.Thanks

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