Saxon Mortgage loses $100,000, denied short sale

LA in California said: “I had an ARM with Saxon and the rate started increasing 1% every six months. I used to pay $2900 and suddenly was paying $4200. I tried to make the payments and 1 of them I sent around $3700 and did not know of the rate change to $4200.

Saxon Mortgage took the money and told me to wire the other $500. I did and they returned the $500 Western Union and applied the other $3700 to my late fees. Next month when I called to make the payment they told me to wire $8400 because the last payment was incomplete and I needed to make it to avoid foreclosure.

I negotiated and they said to wire only $4700 and they would apply the last payment. I did and again Saxon did not apply the payment and they asked me to wire another $6200. Again I did and it was the same.

The next month I could not borrow more money to pay and they started foreclosure. I cried and begged and faxed over and over the documents, but did not want to do it.

I put my home on short sale and received around 5 offers for only $30,000 less and Saxon Mortgage did not want to take them. They foreclosed my home and hired a heartless real estate agent ANDREA JACOBS who kicked me out of my house and treated me as the lowest person in the world.

She humiliated me even worse than Saxon’s reps.

Finally Saxon Mortgage sold the house for $100,000 less than the offers I got while in shortsale.”

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  1. Department of Corporations
    Consumer Services Office
    1515 K Street, Suite 200
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    Good place to start…

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