Saxon Mortgage customer says “I asked you for help”

MN said: “I called the beginning of August last year when my husband lost his job. I asked you for help because I didn’t want to lose my home. I was told that no there was nothing you could do but was given a number to call that might be able to help us out.

It was a number to a refinance company and with my husband out of work they wouldn’t do anything to help.

Then you get help from the government and we get notices in the mail that we qualify for the modification My husband notified you and got the run around so he hired an attorney to deal with you on our behalf. He has been going in circles with you since.

He has asked me to contact you because he is frustrated. We hired an attorney that is supposed to be dealing with you – not us. You and the firm should be coming up with a modified loan that we can make on the $3085.00 income we have from his retirement.

That does not seem difficult to me.

I don’t understand the things that my husband has told me are going on. We get a package in the mail from you with a trial modification with payments of $2200.00 for three months, which I might add our attorney new nothing about until my husband called them about it.

You continue to contact us when you should be deaaling with the law firm we hired. How are we suppose to resolve this when there is no constructive conversations going on between you and the law firm we hired.

My understanding was a mortgage payment wasn’t suppose to be more than 40% of your income. That would make the payment around $1250.00 a month not $2200.00. What are you doing?”