Insurance repair contractor files suit against Saxon Mortgage

EH in Michigan said: “I am an insurance repair contractor in MI. My company did repairs on a home with a Saxon mortgage. The insurance company, as required, sent a check with the homeowners name, my company’s name and Saxon on the check. Saxon required us to send the endorsed to check to them, and claimed they would release the funds after inspection.

That was in May 2009. Since then, Saxon has claimed
1 – they never got the inspection,
2- they sent a check in June,
3- they sent a check in July,
4- they sent checks in Aug (two dates),
5- they never sent a check,
6- they stopped a check and reissued one
7- they never stopped the check
8- they never reissued the check
9- they issued two checks,
10- they never got our original docs…… You get the idea.

I get a different answer each time I call. Reps have admitted what everyone else told me was “a lie,” then later said they never said that. The same person will tell me two different stories within days.

We are filing suit next Tuesday. Any other contractor in a similar situation care to join in?”