Saxon needs to be fair or lose their mortgage servicing license

SW in Michigan said: “After reading your articles I want to add my two cents worth about Saxon and the employees who call my home. After losing my job in Michigan and getting married in 2008 (my husband still in nursing college) I accepted a job and now work during the week in Columbus Ohio and only home on weekends.

The additional expenses of travel, student loans, and a husband in college have caused a fin ancial hardship. I discussed this with a Saxon rep, orally applied for a modification, received the paper work, completed it and faxed it in.

I made the trial period modification payment as they set but now continue to receive phone calls a my home in Michigan. I am only there on weekends and included in my modification package wriiten authorization for them to talk to my father but when they call they are rude and refuse to talk to him saying they have not received anything, in fact last time they hung up on him.

I have done everthing they have requested in this process. I do not want to lose my home as my husband graduates in Febuary 2010 and we will be permantly in Michigan.

I truly wish there was some way to let the government know how these financial institutions are putting it to hard working people trying to make it through this financial crisis.

Saxon Mortgage Services need to play fair and straight forward or lose something of value to them, their license.”