Calling all retired military paying Saxon Mortgage – class action wanted

RD in Arizona said: “We have been in modification with Saxon Mortgage since Jan of this year. We were told in June that we were to make three payments June, July, and August to fulfill the government requirements of this new loan package; however, Saxon Mortgage is no longer bringing the house loan back down to reflect the current market value.

I made the first payment in June with cashier’s check and it cost me almost $100.00 to send it next day. When I got home, I got a call from the wanting me to make the payment by phone using Western Union. So hey, I thought I would do that the next time to save me some money.

So July payment was made through the internet using Western Union as well as August payment.

My husband is a retired Navy Chief Petty Office and the bulk of our money is at the 1st of the month. I got on the computer to make my usual payment the last day of the month and Western Union payment center said that I needed certified funds to make my payment.

I have fulfilled my obligation of the three month and we still havent heard anything about the farce of a modification and now I have to wait until tomorrow to try and make my payment. Is there anyone out there that would like to get a class action suit going against Saxon Mortgage and save our homes from the wolfs that seem to be howling at our door?

There has to be other retired military out there that have protected the Grand Red, White, and Blue at just above poverty level…We seem to be willing to protect our country while the country is letting people like Saxon Mortgage take away the roof over our heads!”

Editor’s Note: The owners of this website served 45 years in the U.S. military. I served 25 years in the Marine Corps and my wife served 20 years in the Army. This website, and the material published, is part of our combat effort. Hopefully your call to action will produce the desired results.