How can US Government allow Saxon Mortgage to stay in business?

KJ in Illinois said: “I have read everyones complaint on this website and everything my family is going through is on here but foreclosure. We send our mortgage payments – then weeks later saxon Mortgage claims they don’t get them.

We have faxed our canceled checks every month. We still go through it every month. Everyone “seems” to handle it each month and then we go through it again.

We send our paperwork and they never get it. How can the government allow this company to be in business?”

One thought on “How can US Government allow Saxon Mortgage to stay in business?

  1. Saxon Mortgage this Co has charged me close to $3000.00 in late fees all because they posted a regular payment as a principal payment ( that sounds good paying down my principal payment) not because it was a partial payment.

    I’m still responsibe to pay the rest for 2 years. I told Saxon you posted the money wrong and they know they posted the money wrong.

    I’ve sent fax after fax emails to Saxon and each time I receive round about info implied statements. It is their (Saxon’s) hope that you will give up in the next few days. There is a possiblity I could lose my battle with them becasue they have such deceptive behavior. I don’t understand how living in America, the land of dreams, your home can be taken from you and all you have tried to do was have this saxon Mortgage Services do what they’ve been paid to do. Saxon must be stopped.

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