Obama Mod aside, Saxon home owner is current, but foreclosed

JK sent this amazing report: “I went into a Obama modification in early July 2009. My home was up for sale this Thursday August 27, 2009. I’m current and Saxon Mortgage refuses to contact the sheriff to stop my sale.

I have people walking all over my property and Saxon said they did their part, if legal doesn’t want to call the sheriff, I’m out of luck.

I can make my payments, been trying to get a modification for 6 previous months , sent them my package 6 times, each time they told me it was incomplete , even though each time I Fedex it with their checklist

I losing my home even though I did everything saxon Mortgage Servicers asked of me.

Where is all the Obama money going?”

One thought on “Obama Mod aside, Saxon home owner is current, but foreclosed

  1. JK, I feel your pain. I am coming up on the end of my Trial period of the HAMP and I’m STILL scheduled to sell on Sept. 11, 2009.

    As per Saxon’s records, we’re on hold. As per their attorney’s office, we’re on hold. BUT NOBODY TOOK THE TIME TO NOTIFY THE DARN COURT HOUSE.

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