Saxon Mortgage drags their feet on investor question

NOTE: There is an update to this article. The title is “Deutsche Bank, Novastar, and Saxon Mortgage Tie-in” and it can be viewed here.

A few weeks ago we called Saxon Mortgage Services with a simple question. We asked who our investor is. Saxon told us we must write or FAX our request. We decided to send our request in writing.

We did not receive a reply, nor did we expect one.

This week we will send our request again, by priority mail, with delivery notification and a tracking number. Updates will follow.

Apparently Saxon Mortgage Services is slow to answer anyone, including Federal judges. In a California case, after months of court wrangling, a judge told Saxon Mortgage, ‘produce the note today or there would be no foreclosure.’

Late Monday afternoon, the loan documents were turned over to the court and it looks as if the foreclosure will go through. Too bad – as many people were hoping Saxon would never find the documents.

3 thoughts on “Saxon Mortgage drags their feet on investor question

  1. I have been dealing with Saxon now for over 6 months. They put me on a repayment plan and lost my payments, they have lost my paper work muliple times, they told me to list my house for short sale, they denied the short sales and told me to send in a deed in lue package and lost that paper work and now are trying to proceed with full foreclosure. my mortgage increased by 100% over the past 24 months. I suggest we file a major class action suit! From the postings on the web, it looks like we would win hands down.

    Editor’s Note: Don’t forget the part about how great they are because they lead the industry with 25 of loans modified. They are getting paid for it too. Anyone who thinks Saxon Mortgage is an example for all to emulate needs to read this comment again, from top to bottom.

  2. I can’t seem to get an intelligent person on the phone. Everyone i speak with seems to not know the business or is very uneducated. I called to find out if I would be qualified for the Mod program. Saxon asked me suposed qualification questions over the phone. When it was all said and done the gal said i’m 30 therefore I don’t qualify. I’m 53 years old, and I asked her what she meant by im 30. She said you’re 30 and hung up. she was so stupid and young. I’ve called them 5 other times and get the same unintelligent, stupid, ghetto-like people working at Saxon.

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