Man dies without food or medication while paying Saxon Mortgage Services

DJ in Okalahoma said: “My brother passed away in June 09. His last days were worrying over losing his house. He tried days before to get a fax machine working so he could fax required documents.

He spent his last days trying to get everything together to try and qualify for a lower interest rate. He was a diabetic and went weeks before he could afford his medication. He couldn’t even afford to buy food.

I found a letter in his paperwork begging Saxon Mortgage Services to help by lowering his interest rate. His house was everything to him. The adustable rate mortgage went to almost 11% and he could no longer afford the payment along with late fees and mysterious fees that I have no clue what they are for.

Out of $1,057.00 a month only around $60.00 goes toward the principal. I looked up the mortgage he signed and couldn’t believe it was legal. I guess its legal to rob people as long as its signed.

The day before he died he mailed a $2,000.00 payment. We found him 2 days later.

Maybe he wasn’t able to afford his medicine. Thanks Saxon (corporate greed) this kind of legal robbery is what’s wrong with our country today.”

Editor’s Note: We are truly sorry for your loss. It saddens us to read and publish this complaint. A recent news report contrasted small local banks with large companies that don’t know their customers. This complaint certainly drives the point home.