Saxon Mortgage managers, team leaders, supervisor are no help

A Denver homeowner said: “Saxon Mortgage needs to be stopped!! They enter into a modification agreement, take you money and then refuse to honor their own agreement.

I attempted to deal with Saxon for over 2 years to get a loan modification in place. Phone calls to Saxon supposed customer service department were answered by rude, uncaring, nasty people. Most of whom did not have any mortgage training, did not know what they were talking about, had no authority to make any arrangements and could not find a manager, team leader or supervisor.

All of my requests for help, return phone calls from supervisors, team leaders or someone who had a clue fell on deaf ears!!!

Not once did I receive anything that was promised by Saxon and their employees-no forms, no package, no telephone calls.

Long story short becasue Saxon refused to honor their own loan modification agreement our home was sold at foreclosure sale!! Saxon never received any of the documentation they requested.

I faxed emailed and put a stamp on the envelope, addressed all correspondence to a specific person who was going to be handling our case, nothing was ever received, and I was never allowed to speak with the specific person who was assigned our case, or better yet that specific person was transfered, had left the company or was on vacation!!!

I am now in the process of fighting to keep our home and filing any and all legal actions against Saxon I can.