Saxon Mortgage forecloses on the family home

DT in West Virginia said (unedited): “saxon stole my home and I have all of the paper work to prove it. There is forged documents embezzelment wire fraud . this loan was illegal from the first go on both ends in the year 2000 pinfund corp. of california funded the loan with stolen money and with a little serching you will find they busted for a $300.000.00 ponzi scheme. i filed bankruptcy to try to stop this but even the judge in charleston wv. took there side fully knowing that all of these laws had been broken i have two sets of loan papers from saxon and they have different dollar ammounts on them. they took the home i raised my children in. i now my wife and two children. would someone please tell me why is it the people with all the money gets every thing and the poor are used for a foot wiping tool. i am telling any one i have all of the papers to prove that they are a very spineless corporation . we all need to take this to court and make this a class action law suit. i am now living in a garage with my wife and two kids.obama change is comming? well im waiting and have been waiting for 9 years proof is in actions not words.”

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