Saxon Mortgage is the most annoying and disgusting

My house payment was made days ago. I am not late, was never late, and do not want a modification. I mind my own business, and wish Saxon Mortgage Servicing would do the same. I just received another phone call from Saxon. What an annoying and disgusting bunch they are.

I nominate Saxon Mortgage as the most disgusting, annoying, unprofessional mortgage servicer in the industry.

Do they call everyone, starting on the second day of the month, or just former Novastar customers? Last month, if you recall my article, this group of bungling idiots did not check their computer until after they called – at 7:30 PM – and then they noticed that my payment had already cleared. How hard is that?

I know that name-calling should be outgrown by the third grade, but at this point I think I am dealing with a bunch of third-graders. I call it Saxon logic. Call early, call often, and annoy the hell out of people.

Every month I send a check to Saxon Mortgage, by priority mail, and I have a tracking number.

By the way, my five other mortgage companies are much more professional. Their websites are more professional than the Saxon site. Their statements are more professional. I can tell the status of my mortgage in detail. And they don’t call me at all.

I reached my limit with Saxon Mortgage Services Inc. long ago. Just to keep Saxon on their toes, I called asking to know who my investor is. Since it was a Novastar loan, I have the right to know.

Saxon Mortgage answered the phone, was polite, and explained that the information might be available if I write a letter or send a fax. No phone calls allowed.

I did what they asked, and I will report on the progress. Meanwhile, my telephone continues to ring. As I say, don’t get mad – just get even.