No reply from Saxon Mortgage irks homeowner

Another Saxon customer asks “I have been dealing with Saxon Mortgage for 10 months now. I sent them countless faxes, certified letters and NOTHING!!!! They keep sending nasty letters and I have done all they they asked for. I’ve tried to send letters to the U.S. Government as well but have had nothing in return. I can’t even talk to a human at Saxon and if I do they are rude as can be! Can ANYONE help me?”

2 thoughts on “No reply from Saxon Mortgage irks homeowner

  1. i can promise you we are going through the same thing. I am 18 and my parents have been dealing with Saxon people too. Now they sold our house without telling us and we have been making payments but now it may all be too late.

  2. I recommend contacting your Neighborhood Hud councelor and use them as the middleman. It’s a hard fight and it’s been proven that Saxon doesn’t give a rip about anyone but their CEOs. Send a complaint to the SIGTARP.GOV site. They are the ones who are overseeing the companies that got gov. money. Keep a copy of what you send and start a nice thick file to back your story up. Shake the cage

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