Homeowner vows not to lose home because Saxon Mortgage is backlogged

HG in Ohio said: “I along with everyone on here have been fighting with Saxon. I was told that they “lost the fax” lol. Don’t think so – I certified mailed it to them as well. What helped me was that I was in direct contact with the attorney for them that is trying to foreclose on my home. They seem to get the ball rolling.

I’ve submitted the paperwork twice now.

I can never get ahold of a representative when I call but I’m taking detailed notes of each and every time I call.

I don’t understand honestly how this company stays in business. There are so many of us on here that we should be able to do some type of class action lawsuit to save our homes. What type of lawsuit I don’t know but I’m NOT going to lose my home because they are lagging behind. My story has alot of twists and turns and is so lengthy I could write a back with their wrong way practices but I didn’t want to bore you all with everything. I’m fighting till the end to save my home even if that means chaining myself to the home to fight for it.”

4 thoughts on “Homeowner vows not to lose home because Saxon Mortgage is backlogged

  1. I too am a saxon prisioner and novastar also sold my mortgage to saxon days before the bank bailout. Had problems with Novastar, but when saxon took over all hell broke loose. Had a mod done they are up to the same old tricks. These people are stealing our money for profit and they have to be found out!!!!!!!!

  2. Saxon Mortgages Services gave me a three month HAMP Modification Plan trail period to make my payments in June, July and August. The June payment was made, when I made the July payment, they held it from deposit in the bank for 23 days, then I re-paid it by Western-Union Speed Pay through SAXON website. My August payment, SAXON website would not accept by Western-Union Speed Pay so I certified the funds and sent it in. My trial period ends 8/31/09 and the modification is to begin for 9/1/09 and I have not heard from SAXON as of this date to what my payments will be for September. But SAXON keep sending correspondence of needing additional documentation they are suppose to already have which qualified me for the HAMP Modification program. I have no new payment plan, or interest rate to which the loan was modified to, I am sitting on pins and needles and want so desperately to remain in my home, but I am functioning in a blindspot with SAXON????????

  3. I am the original poster to this article and have some updates. After I faxed it to Saxon my contact stated AGAIN that she “never got it”. So again I contacted their attorney and sent THEM my paperwork with updated information this is the third time. NOW all of the sudden they have the paperwork and things are “trying” to move ahead. The problem I have now is that they are adding escrow to my account when I myself make my homeowners insurance and property tax payments once a year. There’s NO NEED for escrow yet the right hand doesn’t talk to the left hand and no one knows what’s going on and how to take it off. First they offered me a 5% interest and principal loan mod then it was 4% and after I was bawling my eyes out they dropped it to 2%…..now why on earth didn’t they just start there to begin with. I have a sale date of September 18th on my home and am doing EVERYTHING possible. I’m tired of spending an hour and a half on the phone with them daily just because they can’t get their you know what together!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrr

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