Texas AG investigator assigned to Saxon Mortgage problems

ATTENTION The Texas Attorney General has assigned an investigator to Saxon Mortgage Problems!

Consumer Protection and Public Health Division
Office of the Attorney General of Texas
Lucia Jaime
401 E Franklin Ave., Suite 530
El Paso, TX 79901

FAX her your documentation NOW to

FAX 915-542-1546

2 thoughts on “Texas AG investigator assigned to Saxon Mortgage problems

  1. Well good luck for those of you who do manage to get a loan modification like I did. I jumped thru every hoop…I paid the exhorborant amount demanded…I signed the documents…I got out of foreclosure and my first payment was due July 1, 2009. I made that payment by Western Union on June 29th…to allow plenty of time to reach Saxon by July 1st. Then I received a letter from a local realtor wanting me to talk with them about a short sale, since my home was in foreclosure????? Sure enough…I couldn’t access my account at Saxononline because it said “THIS ACCOUNT IS IN FORECLOSURE!!!” I immediately called them and they stated they were in receipt of my July 1st payment, however, I owed them a loan modification fee. They took over 3/4 of my payment and left the other 1/4 as “Unapplied” on my account. Put me back in foreclosure! THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN THE LOAN MODIFICATION DOCUMENTS ABOUT A LOAN MODIFICATION FEE!

    So beware, those of you who think you’ve finally broke through to Saxon and have a loan modification. BEWARE! BEWARE!BEWARE!

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