Saxon Mortgage Services holds to 10 day notice

SJ in Washington said: “My name is Steve, I have power of attorney for my sister who is battleing brain cancer. I have been trying for 13 months to refinance / loan modification with Saxon Mortgage. She is current on her loan, but 16 months ago she got cancer of the brain and lost her business. She is currently on Social Security Disability and recieves 896.00 a month, Her house payment is 1040.00 a month. I have been asking for help, sent in requested paper work complete via us postal service 3 times, faxed 3 times.They keep telling me something is missing, or did not receive. I called them and they did receive everything as i went page by page with the representative, she said to resend everything as the 10 days notice had elapsed from the date on the letter.

It took 8 days to get here, and I called on day 9. Kinda weird that i know how to count and they dont. She said there was nothing I can do but resend information. This is the absolute worse business experience i have ever come across in my 52 years of life. I hope some day that they lose their business, and the poor bums that work there that are rude i hope you lose your house, car, and way of life. You are welcome to come over for a place to sleep, clothes and a meal any time however.”

2 thoughts on “Saxon Mortgage Services holds to 10 day notice

  1. i had the same problems there is a person that can help you, don’t do a loan mod yourself call this person tina you can give her my name it will be done right no playing games with saxon they are stupid they don’t care about you but this co. does my loan mod will be done in oct and saved me almost 1100.00 a month her number is 1 760-845-2390

  2. thank you sherril h. i just sent an email to her. thanks for a lead. that was nice of you to respond

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