After complaints Saxon homeowner qualifies for HAMP program

Hey there, TB from PA bringing you a new update regarding our situation.

Ironically, after contacting a bunch of agencies (news, AG offices and even the FBI) I’ve been informed that I NOW qualify for the HAMP program. Oh thank you…

First, Our income has not changed since February but now we qualify. Second, the hamp trial period papers were sent on the 30 and the payment was due in their offices no later than the 1st. Third, the trial period payment… INCREASED OUR MORTGAGE PAYMENT by $44.00. I understand that we had issues and got behind, incurred extra fees and now owe more than the original mortgage but… if the situation was resolved back in February when we applied for our second of five mod requests, the amount wouldn’t be an additional 10,000.

We’ve been backed into a corner with no way out. We had no choice but to accept the deal. Otherwise, we lose the home or file bankruptcy. That is always an option if this falls through. The only kicker I see is, Saxon will get an “incentive” and we will get a higher payment, larger debt and more than $6500 in fees for their attorneys. My grand dad would be rolling in his grave over this one.

4 thoughts on “After complaints Saxon homeowner qualifies for HAMP program

  1. UPDATE: Sent first trial payment on July 13 and second was made on July 28th. NOW – I was contacted by Melody at Saxon specifying that my income was never verified. She says I never sent in my stub copies with the HAMP paperwork. … I beg to differ. I copied everything including the darn envelope. I KNOW the stubs were included. I refuse to send July’s stubs… there were 5 pay periods in July. Calculating based on July will drop us from the program. I’ll send them copies of the June’s pstubs since that was what was used to qualify me. Filed complaint with the site. Won’t lose my home because they can’t seem to do their job. You want it in e- form… I’ll send you d*** pdfs. Obviously I know how to scan better than your employees.

  2. wait for a couple of months, they will start adding large sums of misc. fees to your loan, over pay insurance, just wait

  3. They have my mortgage I hate this company and their website. I have the hardest time ever trying to get access to my own account. It’s crazy I want out but it does not look good.

  4. well the info you send is the info there going to used that why your payment went up when you first qualified you qualified for what you said verbally and then you send your docs and they use the info in your docs this is a federal gov program and it has to be approved by them to see no violations and if you read your docs and you made all your trial payments on time in the month they were do you qualified for and incentive as well to take and amount from your unpaid principal

    tammy:if your income hasn’t change you can send july and say it was a 5 paid weekend explaining why is like that if not send in august stubs if your having a hardship there shouldn’t be a problem right??

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